Oct / 2021
Strong partner in Vietnam

We are happy to have reached an agreement with the renowned representative company PEJA SEA, which will act as the exclusive agent for our program of weaving preparation machines in Vietnam with immediate effect.

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Aug / 2021
TKS relies on PRO-SMH again

TKS was one of the largest customers of Sucker in Turkey, having numerous sizing and warping machines still in operation. After PRO-SMH upgraded all these machines to modern control technology in recent years in a professional and convincing way, it was an easy task for Mr. Yusuf Alper, owner of TKS, when the investment of a new machine was up for decision.

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Aug / 2021
Upgradation of Benninger sizing machine at Oguz Tekstil

After successfully upgrading more than 100 Sucker machines in the past, PRO-SMH decided to offer such service also for Benninger machines and other brands. It is a great advantage for our customers to have the modernization carried out by specialists who are very familiar with both the machines and the processes involved in weaving preparation.

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Aug / 2021
French HGP Villersexel decided for PRO-SMH creel

In the Vosges region, HGP Villersexel is one of the best examples of an industry that is always evolving, combining the tradition of ancient textile land with the innovation of technical fabrics and the most efficient fibers. 

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Jan / 2021
Living & Working in times of coronavirus

The corona pandemic has presented us all with unknown, sometimes very extreme, challenges. Even though there are signs of improvement in many parts of the world today, we are all well aware that there is still a long way to go to a normality as we were used to.

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Oct / 2020
Esgin Tekstil decided for sizing-range of PRO-SMH

Bursa located Esgin Tekstil, one of the uprising textile companies in Turkey, active in the fields of weaving and sizing, decided for a special custom-made sizing machine and for one warping range of PRO-SMH Group.

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Aug / 2020
Rimsa ordered second brand new sizing machine

Turkey's Rimsa company started as a weaving and sizing company in 2003. Three years ago, Rimsa also began to produce denim fabrics. After buying a slasher dyeing-range from PRO-SMH in 2017 with outstanding dyeing results, the company now placed a new order for a sizing machine from PRO-SMH Group.

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